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Trash the Dress – Roller Derby Style

For some, “trashing” the dress is a way to unwind and cap off their wedding celebration. For others, it is an excuse to wear the gown one more time. For Alamo City Roller Girls it was an excuse to do something we do best – DESTROY! Our bout photographer, Mario from Renegade Viewfinder, approached us with the idea and of course we eagerly accepted.

The timing could not have been more perfect, it was a Sunday morning and we were all coming off the high of an intense bout the previous night. Alamo City took on West Texas Roller Derby in a nail biting, lead change after lead change bout that ended with ACRG victorious in the final jam.  Mario has always amazed us with his ability to capture not only the great action shots in our bouts, but also the energy and the excitement of the event as a whole. This photo session was no exception as he climbed the playground equipment to get the best angles. ACRG Jammer, Angela aka Illegally Blonde was a great sport and  a picture perfect Derby Bride! The photo session was shot at Martinez Park, just minutes from our practice facility. We left the shoot covered in paint and headed straight to practice because there is no rest for the wicked and what’s a little paint when you’re covered in sweat! How will we celebrate our next victory?! Join us for our next bout on September 15th!

Planning a Destroy the Dress, Trash the Dress, Rock the Frock session of your own? Contact Renegade Viewfinder! Mario not only specializes in sports photography, he also captures events and family photo sessions.