Advisory Board Members


Board of Directors

Behind every good President is an even better First Lady – Truth.


Tiana’s (Lucas) years on the track and responsibilities with other organizations have brought leadership skills that are being used to implement strategic planning measure within ACRG. Her love of derby and her desire to see the league succeed are what motivates her.

Vice President of Admin.

Board of Directors

The keeper of all things important; the queen of the hive.

Sarah (Largo) Chappa is the butter of our ACRG toast. Her attention to detail and desire to make ACRG prosper shows in every decision made. We love her.

Vice President of Ops.

Board of Directors


The do-er of all,the lover of everyone.

Nikki (Pleasure 2 Beat’Ya) Williams is the glue that holds the house together. Without her guidance, camaraderie and love of derby ACRG would be missing a lot. She manages to inspire, motive and speak the truth to everyone in the league and we love her for that.

Executive Assistant

Division of Administration

Suzanne (Nunna Yobiznez) is the Board of Directors go to gal. She keeps us in line, on time, and polite.



Division of Administration

Taking all our hard earned monies to keep us on the right track!

WFTDA Representatives

Division of Administration

The WTFDA is so huge it takes two baby. Rachel and Tiana work diligently through the night to make sure ACRG remains an active member of the WFTDA.

Photo Credit Steve Beard

Inter-League Travel

Division of Administration

The most important project manager of team scheduling; contact her for all your problems.

Production Chair

Division of Administration

From laying the track to laying the ground rules, what Jinjure says goes on game day.

Interim Training Chair

Division of President

Faster, stronger, better! That is what our training program is all about; from Asphault Assualt to Las Tejanas, our training chair ensures everyone has the skills it takes to represent on the track.

Las Tejanas Head Coach

Division of Administration

Germanator is the Coach of our Las Tejanas,  the International WFTDA Ranked All-Star Travel Team.  His knowledge of the game, guidance, and saucy German humor helps take our A Team to the next level.

Sponsorship Chair

Division of Operations

Melanie (Violet Protest) works diligently to engage the local community. She brings people together and brings us happiness.

Community Outreach Chair

Division of Operations

ChaCha Mowdownya is the Chair of Community Outreach. Her time and effort helps to bring ACRG closer to our community.

Merchandise Chair

Division of Operations

April (Purple Renya) keeps San Antonio looking fly in all of their ACRG gear.

Fundraising Chair

Division of Operations

Karrie (Kalifas) guides the league in raising money for things such as traveling, gym rentals, and parties throughout the season.